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Personalitities is a collection of 4362 unique NFTs minted daily on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, individually designed and randomly permutated.


Launching on 01 October 2021 00:00 GMT+8, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A limited edition of 31 pink Personalitities will be auctioned off, all profits & royalties from this auction will be donated to breast cancer charities.


Each Personalitities is comprised of 4 main components: breasts, nipples, accessories (scar, piercing, scar, hair, tattoo, etc.) and background colours. Together the permutations are endless, like every unique individual in the world, no two Personalitities are the same.


Personalitities is a celebration of beauty, equality, diversity and inclusion. Pick one that you like, identify with, or whatever. You do you.

Minted: 44/4362
Sold: 2/4362
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Why Personalitities?

Basically doing charity passively while actively owning a unique collectible with a community that cares for similar social & environmental causes. Win win?

Charity & giving back are baked into at the heart of each Personalitities. Individually unique but together as a collective, the Personalitities community can bring about serious change or impact on any social & environmental causes. All profits & royalties from limited edition campaigns will go straight to official charity partners, while at least 10% of all profits will be given back to the community via giveaways and more.

Owning a Personalitities will double as a membership to join our like-minded community to vote on charities to donate and which future social & environmental causes to focus on, besides granting early access to future launches & special perks.

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As the Personalitities NFT doubles an invitation into our community where we will vote on the next social issue / charity that will decide the theme of some Personalitities and future upcoming projects.



What is an NFT

An NFT, which stands for “Non-Fungible Token”, is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, videos, games, memberships and more. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software called blockchain.

Who is Aphroditity?

Aphroditity is a creative studio seeking to bring meaningful impact on social & enviromental causes through our first NFT collection "Personalitities" launched on 01 October 2021 in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month available on


Inspired by the ancient Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite and the worlds of Greek philosopher Plato “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. In conjunction with our launch on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we believe that every person, every personality (and tities even when ravaged by cancer) is beautiful, within or without.

How unique is my Personalitities?

All Personalities are unique, however some will be more unique than others especially the limited edition Personalitities for specific social & environmental causes, like the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

How much does Personalitities cost?

All limited edition Personalitities for specific social & environmental causes will be auctioned off at a starting price of 0.08 ETH, while the daily Personalitities will be sold at a launch price of 0.019 ETH, and progressively increases with demand. Exclusive of Ethereum network gas fees.

Are there collaborations planned with any other projects?

Besides our road map, there are a few collaborations and marketing plans in the works. We are already in discussions with several non-profit organizations, popular communities, companies & influencers. Stay tuned, we are excited to release these over the period of weeks post launch.

How do I purchase Personalitities?

Personalities will be minted daily on OpenSea. Head over to OpenSea ( to browse & purchase a Personalitities NFT. A crypto wallet that stores your Ethereum such as Metamask ( is required, having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xABCD….1234), this is where your Personalitities NFT will be stored.

Why do you not release all 4362 Personalitities at launch?

We intend Personalities to be a long term project, where we can launch limited editions for specific social & environmental causes. Charity is a work in progress.

Why 4362?

4362 is based on the current ETH/USD all time high. Plans to expand the collection will be decided by the community if ETH/USD reaches a new all time high. 50 will be reserved for current & future giveaways, the remainder will be minted daily for sale and limited editions specific social & environmental causes.

What can I do with my Personalitities?

You are free to do anything with your Personalitities under the non-exclusive license.

This sounds awesome, how do I get involved?

Head over to any of our social medias to get the latest updates, come hangout on Discord to jump in on the conversation and let us know your ideas!

Is Personalitities a good investment?

Charity and doing good is definitely a good investment on its own merits. We believe Personalitities has a huge potential ahead with never ending social & environmental causes. The community will only grow to perhaps even disrupt how we think of non-profit organizations. However the success of Personalitities relies on so many factors and variables, no one knows! The creators will do whatever they can to get Personalitities to the moon, but like anything in life, don’t spend money you can’t afford to not have. Ultimately a decision for you to make. The launch prices are relatively affordable tho… thanks for the support!


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